ReViVox® Solution

ReViVox® has the potential to expand the use of botulinum toxin injection therapy in Bladder Dysfunction. Currently the treatment is only prescribed in patients that are refractory to oral medications and are capable and willing to perform self-catheterization. A reversal therapy that could reduce side effects could improve the attractiveness of botulinum toxin injection for OAB–a proven effective, long-term treatment (approx. 6 months) that does not require daily intervention, provided intermittent catheterization is not necessary. This is particularly true in the elderly population, where the prevalence of OAB and risk of urinary retention following botulinum toxin injection therapy are increased.


The anticholinesterase rescue therapy will be formulated into a non-invasive intravescial solution to be flushed into the bladder.

Preliminary Development Path for ReViVox® in Urinary/ Bladder

  • Preliminary non-clinical Proof of Concept data for accelerating paralysis recovery following botulinum toxin injection in smooth muscle, with a targeted anticholinesterase
    • Completed POC in in-vitro model of bladder contractions with CRO
  • Conduct preclinical study demonstrating bladder recovery and an in-vivo animal model
  • Development of intravesical non-invasive formulation and parameters of delivery an an in-vivo animal model