DelNova is applying advances in drug delivery technology to create proprietary therapies.


Enhancing drug properties to their best therapeutic advantage through drug delivery


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ReViVox® – Lead Product


Unmet Medical Need-Resolving Complications Arising from OnabotulinumA (e.g. Botox® Therapies)
The primary mechanism of botulinum neurotoxins is muscle paralysis. Adverse events are often attributed to spread of toxin. The toxin has been implicated in very rare but life threatening conditions which resulted in the FDA black box warning designation. The most commonly occurring adverse events are temporary and resolve once the drug wears off. Unfortunately these conditions may last weeks to months. The outcome is highly undesirable for afflicted patients, resulting in serious quality of life issues.


DelNova has identified a class of drug known as anticholinesterases as a means of accelerating muscle recovery by indirectly increasing the neurotransmitter deficit created by the botulinum toxin.


The dosage form will be formulated into a use-specific formulation, effective and convenient, single dose. Future developments may include a transdermal/ topical.

ReViVox®: Novel Product Opportunity (patented);


Targeted localized delivery by injection will reduce dose and improve the safety profile of the rescue therapy. Localized injection will avoid first-pass systemic side effects, while increasing drug potency and efficiency directly to the site of action. In addition, use of this delivery modality to address off-target paralysis, will limit muscle recovery to the problem site while maintaining the intended treatment area intact.