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Company Overview

DelNova is creating innovative therapeutics by solving unmet medical needs using clinically validated molecules linked to advances in drug delivery (including drug targeting, drug administration and formulation enhancements).


The Company’s lead clinical candidate is ReViVox®, a patent-pending product for the rescue of complications caused by off-target muscle paralysis following aesthetic and medical neurotoxin therapies, specifically botulinum-Type A toxins (e.g. Botox™).


DelNova’s initial therapeutic focus will be improving the outcomes of neurotoxin therapies in  aesthetic and overactive bladder with ReViVox®, patent-pending. Although complications may be temporary (lasting weeks to months), undesirable muscle paralysis caused by botulinum toxins is a serious and significant quality of life issue.


Complications after botulinum injections offer a large market where there is currently no effective or approved treatment. Botulinum toxin type A was the most common non-invasive cosmetic procedure of 2018, and novel indications for botulinum toxin have emerged in a number of fields including migraine, overactive bladder, muscle disorders and hyperhydrosis.


ReViVox® is being developed as rescue product that could potentially serve this growing neurotoxin market and accelerate its growth.

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