DelNova’s 1st Product Candidate ReViVox ™

Problem Worth Solving

Botulinum toxin A injections may cause temporary but undesirable side-effects which can last weeks to months. These may occur in cosmetic or medical procedures. There is no remedy other than to wait for the toxin to wear off. There are no competitors.

Our Solution

ReVivox is a safe low dose reversal agent for targeted injection based on a re-purposed drug with a known-safety in humans and understood mechanisms of action. Since the drug is already approved in other medical indications (for intravenous and oral delivery routes), there will be a shorter path to FDA approval - 505b2

Mechanism of Action

Target Market

Any cosmetic or medical procedure using a neurotoxin, with the potential for side effects to nearby muscles. Side effects from medical procedures include difficulty swallowing and weak adjacent muscles (eg. neck)

Neurotoxin market is worth about $4 Billion WW with over 6.7 million cosmetic procedures in the US alone. Ave. cost per cosmetic procedure is approx. $375

3% ptosis in Allergan Ph 3 Study submitted 2001 as part of NDA for Botox Cosmetic Investigator studies referenced in the NDA dating 1994-2000, range from 4-20% ptosis.